Stories from the Streets

A brief overview of the book

Told from the perspective of volunteers from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Antigua, Stories from the Streets gives some background into the work of Street, Rail, Response, School and Prayer Pastors. This includes the organisation Street Pastors itself, but also issues concerning homelessness, safeguarding, suicide, safety on the streets, drugs and a Christian viewpoint of why Street Pastors do what they do.

The core of the book though is the Stories themselves. The human interactions of Street Pastors when they care, listen and help in a range of different scenarios and locations - on the Streets, at railway stations, after terrorist incidents and in Schools.

Whether you are a Street Pastor who wants to read up more about what is happening in other areas, someone who is thinking about becoming a Street Pastor or just keen to know more about what they do, or a member of the public who is interested and perhaps has been helped by Street Pastors, we hope you will find Stories from the Streets interesting, informative and enjoyable. 

Below are the different chapters of the book to give you some more insight into the content of the book.  

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Chapter 1: The Story of the Good Samaritan

Chapter 2: Caring, Listening and Helping

Chapter 3: Diary of a Night Out: Two Ambulances

Chapter 4: Stories from Greater London

Chapter 5: Street Pastors and the Homeless

Chapter 6: A Desperate Call for Help

Chapter 7: Safeguarding

Chapter 8: Street Pastors in the North-East

Chapter 9: Stories from Northern Ireland

Chapter 10: Response, Rail and School Pastors

Chapter 11: Area Coordinators in England

Chapter 12: Area Coordinators in Scotland

Chapter 13: From the UK to Antigua

Chapter 14: On Patrol in Antigua

Chapter 15: Looking Back

Chapter 16: Safety on the Streets

Chapter 17: Prayer Pastors

Chapter 18: Responses, Awards and a Study

Chapter 19: The Story of the Loving Father


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Stories from the Streets

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